Horse Hay-Cow Hay


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Timothy is used to making the majority of our hay. When we make hay, we spread it twice with our rake to ensure that it dries uniformly after being chopped. We generally create huge square bales, however, mini square hay bales are available upon request. We do everything we can to keep the hay from becoming wet in the event of heavy weather by bringing it into the shed as soon as feasible. It’s unlikely that you’ll see our bales in the fields for more than a few days. We take great pride in making sure the bales don’t get wet.

This year’s hay is all stored in the shed. You are invited to inspect and select which bales you take if you have specific demands for your animals.

We also provide a delivery service. The cost of delivery varies depending on the distance we must go; we usually provide a flat rate. We will not be able to make any deliveries until our combining is completed because we are quite busy making silage and haylage as well as harvesting.


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Horse Hay, Cow Hay


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