Big horn 17inch gaited saddle



Big horn 17inch gaited saddle. Quarter horse bars, approximately 7inch gullet-designed for gaited horses. Weighs approximately $28 pounds, and normal wear and tear are very minimal. Made in the USA.

a cheap saddle that is incredibly light. This 605 cordura saddle only weighs 15 lbs.

Available with a 16″ or 17″ suede-padded seat and jockeys that have single-point front rigging in the 7/8 position. created on a 13 “Equine bar with a barrel front gait made by Steele Equi-Fit.

includes suede front, leather conchos, cordura nylon skirts, housings, and fenders, cantle binding, and horn.


Steele Equi-Fit Classic 13, a tree “wide-grained horse bars with a barrel front
7/8 position single front rigging with dees made of stainless steel
jockeys and a 16″ or 17″ suede-padded seat.
4 cantles”
Trim: suede front, cantle binding, and horn; cordura nylon skirt, housing, and fenders; leather conchos
Length of Skirt: 25″
Stirrups: A laced suede foot pad for the ralide.
Black cordura with black trim


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