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Pellets are small cylindrical pressed bodies. Beechwood belongs to the deciduous trees which are native of Europe, Asia, and North America. This is used for various purposes such as furniture framing. carcass construction, flooring, and engineering, as an ornamental tree in plywood or in household items.


Buy Beech Wood Pellet

Distinct features of Beechwood Pellets:

  • They are manufactured from 100% German Beechwood.
  • They comply with ENplus which is the latest European standard. It has also been awarded ENplus certificate UK001.
  • They have a diameter of 6mm-8mm.
  • They are 5 mm to 40 mm in length.
  • Their bulk density is 500kg/m3.
  • Their mechanical durability is more than or equal to 97.5%.
  • They have very little ash content which is less than 0.7%.
  • The sulfur content is less than 0.03%.
  • The minimum amount of chlorides present is about 0.05%.
  • The moisture content in the pellets is less than 10%.
  • They have a calorific value of about 17 MJ / KG. Their fat content is 0.01%.
  • 10kg pellets can burn continuously for 8-12 hours while cooking.
  • It is food safe and can be safely used in pellet grills and barbeques.

The pros and cons of this product:

  • The wood is sourced locally. They are made out of virgin softwood timber. Such high-quality raw material ensures better products.
  • These pellets get ignited easily.
  • It serves as very good firewood as it can be split easily and burns with brighter but calm flames.
  • The wood is responsibly sourced, making sure that plants are grown when they are purchased.
  • These are high-quality pellets that are perfect for ovens and stoves.
  • These low-emission fuels have no additives used during their manufacturing process. The process doesn’t make use of waste or recycled wood to make the final product.
  • The natural lignin present in the wood acts as a natural binding material for the pellets.
  • The beech pellets are standardized which helps in automating the complete fuel system. This enhances the combustion quality

Beech pellets production process:

Beech pellets are manufactured in large pelleting mills. Raw materials are residual wood such as wood shavings or sawmill residuals in their natural state. The quality of the beech pellets is significantly affected by the quality of the raw materials used. This quality can be ensured if the raw materials which are procured need to be subjected to scrupulous preparation and processing. The procedure of beech pellets production involves the following procedures:

1. Chipping and crumbling:

Pelletization is significantly influenced by the size of the raw material. The size generally varies from 4-5 mm or 6-8mm. If the size exceeds this then the materials cant pass through the pellet mill ring die pores smoothly and they can’t be squeezed through the ring die pores. Besides this, the fluctuating electric current will cause an unstable millet ring performance. This harms the pellet mill as well as the pellets’ quality. So, it comes highly necessary to reduce the size with a wood chipper, wood crusher, or hammer mill.

2. Screening:

There are certain impurities such as stones, metal pieces, etc in the raw materials which have to be removed.

3. Drying:

The raw material should contain 13-15% moisture only. With moisture beyond this level, the pelletization can’t be done successfully. Also, the pellet mill’s efficiency will be affected negatively. So, it is necessary to dry the raw materials in a drum dryer till the desired moisture level is attained.

4. Mixing:

If the raw materials are not mixed properly, it leads to the choking or burping of the pellet mill because of the unstable running, which produces a noisy sound. So the material should be decently mixed to ensure the smooth running of the machine. Thus, the performance of the mill is also enhanced. Buy Beech Wood Pellet.

5. Pelletizing:

An auger is used for conveying the beech to the pellet mill which presses it. The material enters the holes o the flatbed matrix through special rollers. Then the hot pellets are cut into pieces of a specific length. When pressure is applied, the lignin acts as an adhesive and encloses the cellulose fibers, leading to pelletization without the use of any external binding material.

6. Cooling of the plates:

After pelletizing, the pleats are quite hot so they need to be subjected to air cooling in a cooler to ensure that they have the right hardness and strength.


The packaging of Beechwood pellets:

In order to protect the beechwood pellets from getting damaged, they are stored in bags through an automatic packing system. This also makes it easy for transportation to the end customers. They are then transported in bulk by trucks or some other heavy vehicles, depending on the delivery destination.


How to store the Beechwood Pellets?

These pellets have a tendency to absorb moisture from their surrounding air. So, it is necessary to make sure that they are stored in a warm and dry space. They are generally stored in tanks or silos after production. Areas such as garden sheds should be strictly avoided because, once these pellets absorb moisture, their performance gets reduced. After every usage, make sure to fold over the bag of pellets firmly to prevent the entry of moisture into it.

Where to buy the beechwood pellets in bulk?

You can buy the beech wood pellets from our company in bulk. We supply better quality beech wood pellets at a price that is comparatively lesser than the other suppliers in the market. We supply it in various sizes such as 5 kg, 10kg, 50 kg, 100kg, or customized sizes as per the order placed by the customer. Purchasing in larger quantities will cost you less as compared to purchasing in lesser quantities.

Why buy beechwood pellets from us?

We provide the product in bulk at a wholesale rate to the customers, so definitely you are going to save a lot if you order it from us. We ensure the transparency of the process to the customers, right from the details regarding the product, to order placement, shipment, and delivery. So, they need not worry about quality or delivery delays. We ship our products worldwide through our trusted courier partners, so you just need to relax after placing your order in bulk and then get the product delivered to your doorstep. You can even contact our customer support at any time, in case you have any kind of doubts and they will be ready to help you out. Buy Beech Wood Pellet.


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